Need help navigating the maze of Home Education?

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Education comes from the Latin roots "educare" meaning to train or mold and "educere" which means "to lead out into fullness of life".  Are you looking for ways to lead your  family into fullness of life?  Do you want to shape your  children by nurturing and training them with your  values?  It is my passion to guide parents on their unique journey, to discover how they might best achieve this through a life-style of home education.


Have you wondered if homeschooling would be a great thing for your family, but you don't know where to start? Let me help equip you with tools and techniques to help you create the learning environment that suits you and your children.

Equipping you to be the best you can be as a home educator.


Have you lost sight of why you chose to homeschool? Feeling lost in the maze and want to find help in taking the next step? Let me help you find your way again and regain control, enabling you to find that spring in your step once more.

How coaching can help every aspect of your family and personal life.


We all need an encourager who reminds us how far we've come and can celebrate our achievements. Working at the coalface can block our view of the bigger picture, leading us to discouragement. I'll help you take that step back to celebrate what is and guide you towards what could be.

You don’t need to feel alone or overwhelmed.


My name’s Sheena

I began my homeschooling journey just over 12 years ago. My eldest was in school and I ‘just happened’ to start meeting lots of home schooling/educating families. I really liked what I saw. Children and young people eager to learn, older kids taking care of the younger, and families who (for the most part) enjoyed being together.

The decision to homeschool is not something any family takes lightly. There often seem to be endless hurdles and a flood of information, misinformation and unwarranted opinions thrown at you all at once. Wading through all of that and trying to get a clear view on our homeschooling approach for our homeschool exemption form, was completely overwhelming. Having Sheena there to guide us, and offer sound, constructive advice was truly invaluable.  Sheena took the time to consider our individual circumstances and offered advice and suggestions that were specific to our children and vision. She is also incredibly experienced and respected within the homeschool community so it was reassuring to have someone we could trust to guide us through. We could not recommend Sheena enough.