Getting Started - Exemption

If you are looking for assistance in putting together your Exemption Application for the Ministry of Education in New Zealand, I can help.  Having read many exemptions, giving guidance to many families over the years, I can give you tips and support to help you get through this legal requirement with minimum delay and to give you a confident start to home educating your child/children.

In New Zealand, this is the process by which every child must be approved in order to legally be exempt from a registered school. If you haven't already downloaded the form from the Ministry, you can do so here.

See below for options depending on what support you are looking for.

Exemption Application check through

Reading Your Application before submitting and giving suggestions or thoughts via email around how to improve it and hopefully speed up the process.


Get in Touch


If you feel confident to go ahead and complete the exemption form with the guidance given on the MoE website (follow the link at the top of the exemption form), but would like me to read it over for you before submitting, I offer a service to do this for you. I will give you any feedback as needed to ensure you have a strong application and if there seems to be material missing, I can make suggestions to hopefully reduce the risk of delay in your application being accepted. Of course, I cannot guarantee approval of your application but will assist you where I can.  

This includes me reading your application and providing any necessary feedback via email or possibly by phone. This does not cover proof-reading/editing your application.

1 on 1 Consultation

Consultation for support before or during the Exemption or at any time on your home schooling journey. Introductory offer: $60/hour or part thereof. (minimum $15/15mins)


Get in Touch


This is a great way to jump start either your exemption application or find taylored support at any time on your journey.  We can connect either online or by telephone.  I can coach you through goal setting, curriculum choices, routines and rhythms for your family and more.  You may simply wish a one-off meeting, or connect with me fortnightly or monthly to keep on top of your big picture thinking, figuring your way through the maze of family life, whatever stage you are at.

Group Coaching

An online group support (3-4 people) for those at a similar stage of their journey. Scheduled 1hr fortnightly meetings. (Week 1 trial, thereafter 3 month minimum commitment).


Get in Touch


This is a unique and cost effective way to help you create space in your busy world to reflect, plan, and be encouraged over the long haul of home educating.  You will meet with 3-4 other like-minded people for 1 hour fortnightly, who are home schooling anywhere in the country via an online platform.  As a group, I will facilitate and help you to individually problem-solve and set goals whilst ensuring each member feels valued and safe.  Together, we will navigate our way through some of the key struggles and frustrations that are present for many home educators at any stage of their journey.  Please get in touch if you would like more information or to learn about joining the next group when it is ready to begin.  There is an opportunity to 'observe' via a trial session first and if you choose to continue participating, then a commitment of a minimum of 3 months is required thereafter.  (You will be invoiced fortnightly).